We believe good design can create meaningful change.

Alloybuild is a practice of urban designers with an invaluable background in architecture, landscape, design research and education. Our focus on the public realm emerges from carefully understanding the vast challenges of the future. We find inspiration in cities— their histories, flows and their urge to evolve each contribute to how we transform them into responsive urban systems. Our talent addresses a range of complexity from the practical to the visionary — operating at many scales of conceptual design that include urban strategies, parks, open spaces and masterplanning.

We have been fortunate to receive awards for our efforts both locally and abroad. We mention this because regardless of project scale or type — we focus our efforts on making meaningful change. 


Founding Team

Marcus Martinez 

marcus [at] alloybuild [dot] com

Marcus Martinez’s ability to identify and capitalize on the ‘big idea’ has taken him to some of the top cities around the world from New York, Rome, Boston and Barcelona to name a few. Marcus brings noteworthy experiences to Alloybuild, such as the conceptual design of a personal electric vehicle that had a cameo in a TED talk, and freehand skills that earned his sketchbooks a place in an exhibit at the Lincoln Center Gallery at Fordham University, New York.

Marcus has spent years engaging architecture through other fields, cultures and scales to inform his design perspective. For him, architecture is a part of a continuous association of related disciplines including industrial design, urbanism, and the interior environment. His professional design experience began in Spain, and he subsequently assumed roles in Texas, UAE, and most recently Boston where he specialized in urban core projects. His research regarding the urban impact of mobility and technology made him a Smart Cities panelist at ABX Boston. His work is among the source materials for Reprogramming Mobility at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation.




Amna Ansari

amna [at] alloybuild [dot] com

Amna holds a Masters of Architecture and Urbanism from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston. Her work is focused on large-scale urban design projects that work systematically toward an ideal future between infrastructure, urbanism and transportation. Her professional efforts have been recognized through exhibitions in Washington DC, Rome, Milan, and Boston.
Her work has been published in “Domus magazine for Bocconi Plaza” as well as  “RFI Italian Rail Network Research and Studies”.  Her work featured in  “Fast Company - Co.Exist Futurist Forum” created speaking engagements with Boston Society of Architects as a panelist for ‘Smart Cities’. She also expanded her research base as an undergraduate architectural instructor at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and a as a visiting professor in graduate urban design studies at Texas Tech University.




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