Selected as Source Material: Reprogramming Mobility at the NYU

Our work ‘Shuffle City’ was selected as source material for Reprogramming Mobility at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation.  Here is a link to the report: Reprogramming Mobility.

Excerpt from NYU website about the report:

The project has sought to bring more scrutiny to the public debate over the impacts of new digital technologies and services on transportation, land use, and planning.  Key questions include:

  • What new technologies and services will have the broadest impact on mobility? Which will have more focused, but transformative, impacts on niche markets?
  • How will new technologies and services impact land use patterns?
  • What kinds of organizational changes will transportation regulators, funding agencies, and planning institutions need to begin preparing for now, and what kinds of skills and practices will transportation planners need in the future?

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