'Sustainability interchangeably with resilience as durable design by virtue of materials that consider entire lifecycle' 

Bolt Chair
Outdoor Chair with a Bold Stance
The Bolt chair pairs economic and ecological sensibilities in an elegant, durable package. The body is first milled from flat metal sheet stock with all parts contiguous to the sheet. Traditionally assembled chair elements of legs, seat rails, and vertical stiles are rethought as a sequence of structural creases, turns, and overlaps that minimize mechanical connections and eliminate the challenge of an otherwise welded assembly.
The blend of recycled materials perform together in the broad posture of the Bolt chair. The wide stance conveys a sense of comfort found at the scale of a bench. The voluminous pose favors comfort in most any body position for longer periods of time like social and performance occasions. Chairs are often dragged and scooted than lifted into place. Therefore, flared edges and subtle grips milled into the bottom edge of the seat to favor the everyday factors and ease of use.

The design considers sustainability interchangeably with resilience; durable design by virtue of appropriate materials that consider the entire lifecycle of the material. The chair is extremely resilient with 100% recycled plastic material for the seat and back, made from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that offers the body thermal comfort. This material also offers ‘through and through’ color that provides for no fading and scratch resistance. The body of the chair is fabricated of 80% post-industrial recycled aluminum with anti-UV powder coating so it’s color will be brilliant for years.
The range of colors offer an array of seating combinations that create welcoming dialogue for all ages. When stacked and stored outdoors, the profiles of chairs create sculpted expression on the landscape.

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