'The deep instrumental capacity of the parking garage typology opens up towards urban roles when considering the subsequent changes in mobility and ownership' 

Future Proof Garage
An Instrument of Legibility

This research views the parking garage as a sub-ecology of Houston, specifically in the downtown district where the ubiquity of parking garages is Houston’s ‘deep palimpsest’. It has become not only a character of the city, but a necessary integrative structure with untapped potential for inventing new spaces and experiences through this type. The sprawl of Houston also renders the parking garage as a unique climate response, in which case interconnected air conditioned sky-bridges and underground tunnels, serve to minimally disrupt the air conditioned driving experience.


This research touches upon the garage typology as type that has historically been subject to experimentation in circulation and construction technique. In this proposal, the parking garage is a spatial strategy that serves as an instrument for making an urban structure legible.

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